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All About Alyssum

Alyssum Alyssum is an easy to grow annual groundcover that can hide bare spots, and add color and fragrance to your flower or rock garden. It is also used in hanging baskets in combination with other flowers, where it will fall over the sides and hide an unsightly container. White is the most popular color, although it can also be found in shades of purple and pink. It reaches a height of about 10 inches, spreads easily, and will bloom from mid-summer through fall. Since it is self-seeding, new plants will appear the following spring.

Growing Alyssum

Choose a sunny to partly sunny location with soil that drains well. Sow seeds in the spring after the last frost. Since they need light to germinate, just press them into the ground without covering. Water well, and continue watering regularly throughout the growing season if you don't receive sufficient rainfall. Once they have reached a height of a couple of inches, space them about 8-10 inches apart. The easiest way to prevent alyssum from becoming leggy, as well as ensure continuous blossoming, is to cut it back frequently.