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All About Asters

Asters If you are looking for a flower that will bloom from the middle of the summer to the first freeze of the fall, then the perennial aster is a perfect choice. It is available in various shades of purples and pinks as well as white, and makes a great addition to a vase of cut flowers. While some varieties grow to less than 12 inches in height, others may reach 4 feet.

Growing Asters

Plant the asters after the last frost in the spring. Select a sunny location with soil that drains well. While the smaller plants may only require 6 to 8 inches of spacing, the larger varieties may need as much as two feet. Set them into the ground at the same level as the dirt enclosure in which they came. Water well. Unlike many flowers, deadheading (removing the wilted flowers) is not necessary with asters.

Asters will perform better if you divide them every few years. Remove about half of the plants, and then transfer them to a new location.