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All About Bacopa

Abunda Bacopa If you're always searching for the perfect flower for hanging baskets, then you might want to try Bacopa. It blooms continuously throughout the summer, and the thick, dark green foliage and numerous flowers quickly hang over and cover up an unsightly container. Because of this, it would also be a good choice for planters, containers, and even ground cover. Although garden centers have traditionally carried the white variety, it is now often available in shades of pinks, reds and purple. Many people have had success bringing them inside for the winter, where they continue to flourish.

Growing Bacopa

Bacopa will do best in a partly sunny location. Set it into your container at the same depth as the dirt enclosure in which it came. Make sure that the basket or planter has adequate drainage. Water well. Be careful not to let it dry out. This particular plant requires moist soil at all times. Add a general- purpose fertilizer every three to four weeks to encourage healthy growth. If you choose to bring it into the house for the winter, place it by a sunny window, and continue to water regularly.