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All About Celosia

Celosia Celosia or Cockscomb (note the picture) has become very popular for cut and dried flowers because of its bright red and yellow blossoms. It ranges in height from about 10 inches to two feet or more, and produces flowers from the middle of the summer into early fall. The type most often seen resembles a kind of plume that you might put on the top of a marching hat. However, this annual is also available in an odd, wrinkled looking shape that is said to resemble a brain.

Growing Celosia

As with all annuals, celosia can be grown from seed. However, it is not generally recommended for the novice gardener. The seeds are very tiny, they are susceptible to rot, and they are very fussy when it comes to transplanting. Therefore, they are best purchased as established plants. Select a sunny location with soil that drains well. Wait until there is no longer any danger of frost. Set them into the ground at the same level as their dirt enclosure. Space them about a foot apart and water well. Keep them watered during dry spells. For the maximum number of blossoms, try pinching off the first few flowers. The plant will spread out and produce more flowers in the long run.