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All About Chionodoxa

Chionodoxa Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow is an easy perennial to grow for the novice gardener. It is a hardy bulb that gets its common name from the fact that it is a very early spring bloomer. Since the flowers are quite tiny, and only grow to a maximum height of 6 inches, they look best when they are grouped together. However, they are self-seeding, and if left alone, will soon spread.

Growing Chionodoxa

Chionodoxa is easiest to grow from bulbs planted in the fall. Choose a sunny location with soil that drains well. They are pretty in rock gardens and beneath deciduous trees, where they finish flowering before the trees have leafed out. Plant the bulbs three inches deep and about an inch apart. Water well. When they bloom in the spring, water them consistently to keep them from drying out.