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All About Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums or mums have come a long way since the days when we only seemed to associate them with the traditional yellow pompon variety. Now they are available in numerous colors, shapes and sizes, and are an easy way to add interest and diversity to your garden. Although they are technically considered a perennial, most areas are not warm enough in the winter to allow them to survive. In addition, since chrysanthemums typically bloom in the late summer and fall, those people who live in colder climates may find they have to stick to the early blooming mums.

Growing Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are fairly easy to grow as long as you remember a few important points. Plant them in the spring after the last frost. Choose a sunny location with soil that drains well. Remove them from the pot in which they were purchased, and plant at the same depth as their dirt enclosure. Spacing them at least 18 inches apart will give them room to grow, and help to prevent disease. Water them thoroughly after planting, and keep them watered if you do not receive sufficient rainfall during the summer. When watering, remember to water early enough in the day so that the plant will have time to dry off before nightfall. This is another good way to prevent disease.

One way to encourage chrysanthemums to grow stronger and less leggy is to pinch off the new growth for the first couple of months. If you do this two or three times in the beginning, you will be rewarded with healthy looking plants.