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All About Coreopsis

Coreopsis Coreopsis or Tickseed is a fun plant for adults and children to enjoy together. It doesn't require much work or great soil, it blooms continuously and abundantly throughout the summer, and since it is a perennial, it returns year after year. In addition, it attracts butterflies and makes a sturdy cut flower. Although it resembles a daisy in appearance and size, it is actually a member of the sunflower family. The flowers are most often seen in shades of yellow or gold, but can be found in maroon, or mixtures of yellow and maroon.

Growing Coreopsis

As noted above, coreopsis is very easy to grow. Choose a sunny location in average soil that drains well. Seeds can be sown directly into the garden in the spring, or you can purchase plants at garden centers. If using seeds, cover them lightly with soil and water as needed until they germinate. Plants should be spaced about 12 inches apart, and set into the ground at the same depth as their dirt enclosure. Coreopsis can tolerate pretty dry conditions, so once it has become established, it doesn't require frequent watering.

As with many flowers, deadheading will result in more blossoms. After a few years, it may be necessary to dig the plants up and separate them in order to keep them healthy and prolific.