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All About Crocus

Crocus Crocuses are another one of those flowers that those of us in colder climates look forward to seeing in the spring. They come in a variety of colors, although the most common seem to be light purple, white and yellow. Fortunately, they are hardy, so if a spring snowstorm arrives while they are blooming, they won't be harmed.

Growing Crocus

Crocuses need to be planted in the fall in order to produce spring blossoms. They are grown from corms, which are similar in appearance to bulbs. Plant them in a sunny location about 3 inches deep, with the root end facing down into the soil. Leave about 4 inches between plants. Water thoroughly.

Crocuses multiply quickly. Although it doesn't harm them to be bunched together, you can always dig them up and separate them in order to produce more plants.