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Cut Flower Tips

There are a few simple rules to follow when taking care of cut flowers. Whether you are buying them from a florist or cutting them from your own garden, these guidelines will help to keep them fresh.

  • When choosing flowers, select those that are just short of their prime.

  • Place the stems in warm water immediately.

  • Keeping the stem under water, use a sharp knife to cut off about 2 inches diagonally from the bottom. This will allow the stem to be sealed with water, and prevent it from resting on the bottom of the vase.

  • Use a clean vase to prevent the spread of any bacteria.

  • Use lukewarm water for most flowers. Tulips and other spring bulbs prefer cool water.

  • Add flower food, following the instructions on the package.

  • Remove any leaves that are below the level of the water.

  • Some flowers take up more water than others. Check the water level frequently.

  • Change the water and re-cut the stems if it becomes cloudy.

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat or cold (hot air registers, fans, televisions etc.)

  • Remove dying flowers.

  • Daffodils don't mix well with other flowers. They can be added later if you have kept them in a separate container of water for a day.