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All About Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller Dusty Miller is noted for its silvery foliage, and can provide interest and variety either by itself, or when mixed with red or other brightly colored flowers. Although it produces yellow blossoms, many people remove the flowers to encourage the growth of the leaves. Because of its color, it retains its appearance well after the first frost, even though the plant has died. In warmer climates, it is grown as a perennial, but is treated as an annual in areas with cold winters.

Growing Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is easily grown from seed. Choose a sunny or partly shady location with soil that drains well. Seeds can be sown into the garden just before the last frost in the spring. In warmer areas, they can also be planted in the fall. Cover lightly with soil and water well. Once they have reached a height of a couple of inches, space the plants 8 to 12 inches apart.