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All About Geraniums

Geranium Zonal geraniums are an ideal plant for the weekend gardener. They produce flowers from spring to fall in vibrant hues of red, pink, purple, orange and white. Although they prefer sun, they can tolerate some shade. Ivy geraniums, popular as hanging plants, have smaller flowers, and are available in pink, white and purple shades.

Growing geraniums

Geraniums are available in greenhouses as established plants. They should be planted outside in the spring when there is no longer any danger of frost. Select a sunny location where the soil drains well. Although geraniums will grow in the shade, they may produce fewer flowers. Plant them no deeper than the dirt enclosure in which they were purchased. Be careful not to damage the roots when you remove them from the container. Water them well immediately after planting, but try to keep the water off of the leaves to prevent disease. Removing dead flowers will help the plant to continue to produce abundant blossoms. If any leaves show signs of disease, remove them as well.