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All About Hosta

Hosta Hosta is a very popular perennial groundcover, and for good reason. It is easy to grow, requires little care, fills in large areas, and is thick enough to discourage weeds. Some may reach a height of 3 feet or more, while others are less than a foot tall. Leaves come in shades of green, yellow, green and white, and even blue. In addition, it sends out a tall white or lavender flower midway through the summer.

Growing Hosta

Hosta is widely available in the spring and early summer at most garden centers. It is an ideal plant for shady areas, although it will do better if it has some morning sun. It is often seen encircling the base of trees. Set plants into the ground at the same depth as their dirt enclosures. Check the instructions for spacing, because smaller varieties may need only a foot of separation, while large hosta plants may need 2 feet or more. Water thoroughly. Hosta requires consistent watering throughout the summer, so water weekly if you do not receive sufficient rainfall.