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All About Ice Plants

Ice Plant The perennial Ice Plant is considered an invasive plant by some, but has become popular for its unique appearance, and its tolerance for hot dry conditions. It grows quickly and spreads easily, so be careful not to plant it in an area where it might crowd out other vegetation. The dark green leaves are thick and watery, which is the reason it is considered a succulent. Depending on the variety, flowers range in size from 1½ to 6 inches in diameter, and are available in yellow, pink, and magenta. The Carpobrotus chilensis is less invasive and smaller than the Carpobrotus edulis, so it may be a better choice for less spacious gardens.

Ice Plant

Choose a sunny location with soil that drains well. Sandy soil would be ideal. Select an area where it has room to spread out. After digging the hole, mix in a little general purpose fertilizer. Set the plants into the ground at the same depth as their dirt enclosure. Additional plants should be spaced about one foot apart. Water well, and keep watered throughout the summer until the plant has become established.