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All About Lavender

Lavender Lavender is a perennial that is fun to grow because it gives off a wonderful scent, and can be dried for use inside the home. There are numerous varieties, ranging in height from a few inches to several feet. Once it has become established, it will survive very dry summers as well as cold winters.

Growing Lavender

Lavender requires a sunny location and soil that drains well. Although it can be started from seed, those people in colder climates may choose to purchase plants in order to get a head start. Set the plants into the garden at the same depth as the dirt enclosure in which they came. Water. Space additional plants 12 inches apart. Unless your summer is extremely dry, you will probably not need to water again.

It is best to harvest the lavender in the morning after the dew has dried. Choose stems that have a mixture of open and unopened blossoms. Cut the stem just above the leaves. Tie a few stems together and hang upside down in a warm dark place to dry for a couple of weeks.