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All About Lilies

Lily Everyone is familiar with the Easter lily, but in fact, there are many other varieties of lily as well. They come in a wide range of colors and, by planting a mixture of early, middle and late bloomers, you can enjoy them for most of the summer. Two of the easiest to grow, and therefore most popular types are the Asiatic and the Oriental lilies.

Growing lilies

Although the lily bulb can be started at other times, most people still prefer to plant them in the fall. As with most flowers, soil that drains well is very important for lilies, and they need a sunny location as well. They should be planted soon after purchase in order to keep them from drying out. Depending on the size of the bulb, dig a hole 3-6 inches deep, and wide enough to spread out the roots. Additional bulbs should be spaced about 12 inches apart. Once you have covered them with soil, water thoroughly.

After the flower has bloomed and faded, you can remove it so that the plant will not use its energy on the production of seeds. Wait until fall, however, before removing the leaves and stems. This allows the bulb to continue to regenerate itself for the next spring. If you live in a cold climate, mulching will help to preserve the bulb over the winter. After a period of 3 or 4 years, dig up the bulbs, separate them, and replant to insure continued successful blooming.