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All About Obedient Plant

Obedient Plant The perennial obedient plant or false dragonhead produces blossoms in late summer and early fall. The name obedient is derived from the tendency of the flowers to stay in place if you turn them. False dragonhead comes from the fact that it resembles a snapdragon. Although some people find it invasive, it is easy to control, and has the additional benefit of attracting bees and butterflies. It is available in pink, light purple and white and grows in height from 2 to 4 feet.

Growing Obedient Plants

Select a sunny location with soil that drains well. Plants can be set into the ground in the spring or summer at the same depth as their dirt enclosure. Space additional plants 2 feet apart and water well. It can also be grown from seed sown in the summer or early fall, but will not flower until the following year. Obedient plant requires a regular supply of water, so be careful not to let it dry out if you don't receive adequate rainfall.