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All About Petunias

Petunias Petunias are one of the most popular and easiest annuals to grow. They produce flowers throughout the summer and into the fall, and come in a wide range of colors. The main requirement is that they need lots of sun in order to do well.

Growing petunias

Although petunias can be started from seed, most gardeners prefer to buy them in flats. Look for plants that are short and sturdy. When you first purchase them, leave them outside for a few days to acclimate them, gradually exposing them to sunlight. If the nights are still below freezing, bring them inside. They can be planted in the ground in a sunny location when there is no more danger of frost. Unless the weather is exceptionally dry, they do fine with deep watering once a week. Petunias will spread, so planting them about 12 inches apart will allow them to fill in nicely.

The main complaint about petunias is that they tend to become leggy. This can be avoided by pinching back the new growth to allow the plant to fill in and gain strength. As with all annuals, removing the dead flowers (deadheading) will also help with new growth.