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All About Portulaca

Portulaca Portulaca or moss rose is a trailing annual that does well in hot sunny locations. It can be started from seeds sown directly outdoors. However, because of the short growing season in northern climates, you may have more success with established plants. Flowers grow at the end of stems in a variety of bright hues. They are a good choice for rock gardens and borders.

Growing portulaca

Select a location that receives sun for most of the day and has soil that drains very well (sandy soil is ideal). If you choose to sow the seeds outside, wait until all danger of frost has passed. Press them into the soil lightly, but do not cover them. Thin them to about six inches. Established plants should also be spaced at least 6 inches apart. Water them very sparingly. Remove dead flowers to encourage the plant to produce more blossoms.