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All About Primrose

Primrose There are endless varieties of primrose in numerous colors and sizes. In fact, the sundrops pictured elsewhere on this site are a type of primrose. The smallest may only reach a height of 4 or 5 inches, while others may be 3 feet tall or more. Although it is considered a perennial, many of the hybrids available in garden centers are probably best considered annuals. Their blooming time generally ranges from early spring to early summer.

Growing Primrose

Primrose seeds can be somewhat fussy due to their tiny size and soil requirements. For the inexperienced gardener, purchasing established plants is a more reliable route. They prefer a shady location in soil that drains well. After all danger of frost has passed in the spring, set them into the ground at the same level as their dirt enclosure. Space additional plants about 8 inches apart. Water well. Keep them watered throughout the summer even when they have finished flowering.