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All About Snapdragons

Snapdragons Snapdragons are the perfect flower for the home gardener because they come in so many colors and sizes. While some varieties may only grow to a height of six or seven inches, others may reach three or four feet, and there are intermediate sizes as well. The larger flowers make great cut flowers while the smallest are ideal for border areas.

Growing snapdragons

Soil that drains well is extremely important for snapdragons. Plant them in an area that receives several hours of sun. Some shade during the warmer parts of the day will be beneficial since they do well in cool weather. In fact, you can plant them a little before the last frost. Be careful not to give them too much water, as they are susceptible to rot. Removing the dead flowers (deadheading) will keep them looking fresh and allow the plant to use its energy to produce more blossoms. For the same reason, if you cut the flowers regularly, you should be able to enjoy their beauty and fragrance into the fall.