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All About Sunflowers

Sunflowers Sunflowers are one of the easiest plants to grow and a great family project. Not only do they provide bright flowers, but their seeds can be harvested for eating as well. Within the past few years, many hybrids have become available that differ in size, and offer colors besides the traditional yellow. Some of the new hybrids don't even have pollen, which make them a great choice for cut flowers.

Growing Sunflowers

One of the most important things to remember when planting sunflower seeds is that the mammoth variety will need lots of space, and should be positioned in the back of the garden. The second thing is that their heads turn toward the sun. If you want to look at them from inside your house, plant them in such a way that you won't be looking at the back of their heads. Sow the seeds no more than 2 inches deep at least one foot apart, more for the larger varieties. Check them frequently to make sure they have adequate water. As they grow, thin the taller plants out so they have 2 or 3 feet between them. They will probably need to be staked to keep the heads from flopping over.