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All About Vinca

Vinca Vinca is a wonderful summer annual flower because it prefers hot sunny weather. Once it is planted, it requires very little attention other than an occasional watering. It does well in containers and hanging baskets as long as there is adequate drainage. Although it is usually seen in many different shades of pink, it is also available in white and light purple. It will grow to a height of about one foot, and spread about a foot as well. There is also a trailing variety that is popular in baskets, and as a ground cover.

Growing Vinca

Vinca requires a sunny location and soil that drains well. Plants are readily available at most garden centers in the spring. Wait until all danger of frost has passed. Set the plant into the ground at the same depth as its dirt enclosure and water well. Space additional plants about 12 inches apart. Water only when there has not been adequate rainfall, and the soil is completely dry. Deadheading (removing the spent blossoms) is not necessary other than to improve the appearance.